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Covid Update: Easing Restrictions and Upcoming Changes


Following the easing of restrictions, the Castle team want to give you an update about what you can expect from your favourite climbing centre over the next month or so.

The Castle will be continuing with slot booking for everyone until 1st August

That means you will need to continue with slot booking by discipline (bouldering, lead, top rope, Autobelay or the Forge) up until and including Sunday 1st of August, whether that is a pay per climb visitor or included in your Castle Access Pass. More information about Access Passes is below.

We understand that finding a slot can be frustrating and it can be difficult to get one at your preferred time, so we thank you for your patience. We are very excited to be able to tell you about the changes we will be making in August later on in this email.

Keep Wearing Your Masks

Most medical professionals and local councils still recommend the wearing of face coverings to help prevent the spread of infection.⁠ In line with this guidance and to help keep our community safe, the Castle will continue to require customers to wear facemasks when in the centre for the foreseeable future.

Capacity Changes

We are planning to slowly and incrementally increase our capacity over the coming weeks. This will be done slowly and with a close eye on the centre at all times. We ask that you spread out, remember to be respectful of other climbers and allow room for social distancing whenever possible. 

August Onwards

From August, we will be changing things at the Castle to give you more freedom and fewer restrictions when you climb. This is a welcome return to more of the flexibility and the laid-back feeling we want at the Castle.

Please read carefully to see what applies to you!

Pay Per Climb

From August, the really good news is you will be able to use any of the Castle facilities on entry – no more booking by discipline. Warm up on bouldering, top rope for a while, then hit the lead area – the whole Castle is open to you for each entry slot. Plus, there will be no pre-booking required on weekdays for entry before 5pm. You'll still need to book for peak times (evenings and weekends).

This means a calmer and better experience whilst you’re in the centre, but the freedom to move the way you want.

Access Passes Will Be Discontinued

We will be discontinuing the Access Pass on Monday 2nd August. Your current pass will remain active up until midnight on Sunday 1st August, meaning you will enjoy a bonus day on that month at no extra cost! The current pass will expire automatically - you do not need to cancel. 

 Memberships Launch
We will be launching our Anytime and Off Peak Memberships for adults, and for the first time a brand new Family Membership, which will be valid from Monday 2nd August.

These will offer a better, simpler and slicker membership based on your feedback and eased restrictions. We will be in touch next week with more details about the new memberships and how you can set yours up.

You do not need to cancel your Access Pass, but you will need to sign up to the new style memberships when we get in touch next week, because we’re introducing an…

Easier Booking System!

We will be introducing our new system in conjunction with Capitan. We trialled this when we opened the outdoor boulders back in summer 2020, and have developed this system extensively to get it to do what we want it to. Now you’ll be able to manage your memberships, book pay per climb slots more easily and even get discounts on courses and in our Shop and Café using it.

We’re really excited and hopeful this new set up will make your life easier and simpler, so we can all get on with the thing which really matters – climbing.

More Information Coming Next Week

This is just an introduction to what we’ve got planned. We’ll be back in touch next week with lots more information and the launch of the new system. You will be able to set up your unique profile, purchase a new membership to start in August, and generally get excited for the good things to come this summer. 

So keep your fingers crossed and eyes peeled for updates!