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Coronavirus & Climbing: What You Need to Know


**Last updated 16/03/20**


As you’ve probably seen on the news, the outbreak of Coronavirus has reached the UK. We are asking all our customers to please be particularly mindful of hygiene when you're at the centre.

We get a huge range of climbers here, and we have to assume that some will be from the higher risk categories who have weakened immune systems. We really appreciate your help and support in keeping the centre and everyone here safe and well.

How You Can Help:

  • If you experience any symptoms please give training a miss today, you won’t climb your best anyway! Please seek medical advice from NHS 111. Update: guidance as of 12 March is no longer to call NHS 111 for advice. If you have symptoms, latest advice is to self-isolate for 7 days and only call NHS 111 in severe cases or emergencies.
  • Always wash your hands (we recommend you do this anyway to be honest!). Some climbers are choosing to carry hand sanitiser gel with them. 
  • Use a tissue for any coughs or sneezes, or even wiping sweat from your brow (we have provided blue paper towels round the centre) and immediately bin the used tissues after
  • Please don’t wear climbing shoes or go barefoot in the loos. It really does spread bacteria and germs.
  • If you have visited affected areas, please be respectful and stay away during the incubation period (advice is changing, but at the time of writing the World Health Organisation recommends an average of 5 days and up to 14 days).

What We’re Doing:

We’ve made a range of subtle changes around the centre to help, including:

  • Additional soap bars in all our bathrooms, antibacterial cleansers for staff, plus cleaning spray to use on yoga mats and in the stretching area
  • We’ve changed the layout of the Café, including moving cutlery behind the counter and providing the team with gloves
  • Increased our cleaning of key areas and extra precautions for staff
  • Update: We've gone cashless! Money handling could be one way the disease could spread, so for now we're a cashless environment. Minimum spend on card is £1.

Let’s all do our bit to look after each other’s health and wellbeing.