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Second Tier: A Update from the Castle

Following on from the government’s announcement today we’d like to clarify where we stand as the Castle Climbing Centre, and inform you of some increased measures we’re putting in place.
It is only by adhering to these measures, being kind and considerate of the climbers around you, that we can keep our community safe and help all London climbing centres stay open. 
1. It is more important than ever to wash your hands before, during, and after your climb, and before entering our Shop and Café building. This is the single most effective tool in our arsenal. If we collectively do this, we will protect our community. 
2. Wearing a mask is important. The Castle now requires you to where a mask whenever you are not on the wall, including when you are belaying. It is your responsibility to do a risk assessment to ensure communication between climber and belayer is good and if your communication is significantly impaired by wearing a mask, you should not climb. If your feet are on the ground, your mask must be on your face.
3. You should not be climbing with people who are not members of your household or your support bubble. If you have booked rope climbing with someone who does not fit this description, we will offer you an alternative slot on another day either to climb with someone in your bubble or alternatively to switch to an available bouldering or Autobelay slot instead. We are currently looking into ways to increase our Autobelay offering to help improve availability. 
4. We have sought advice from Sport England whose guidance indicates that courses can continue to run safely. The same rules for masks will apply. 
5. Our children’s climbing courses (Castle Climbing Club and so on) are exempt from the household rule. Again, this is the advice we’re following from Sport England and the government guidelines. 
6. We ask that now, more than ever, if you can walk or cycle to the Castle grounds please do so to reduce the numbers on public transport. We know many of you travel from far and wide to reach us, but if you are local or have the choice, please choose to avoid putting strain on our shared resources! 
Ultimately, we all want the walls to be able to stay open. Please help us all to come together as one climbing community and protect and care for one another, both at the Castle and wherever else you may climb.