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Castle Food Service

In response to Covid-19, The Castle has agreed for our kitchen and café facilities to be used by a small group of locally-based staff volunteers to create emergency meals for those hardest hit in this time of national crisis. The plan is to deliver in excess of 500 healthy, homecooked hot meals a week to people in crisis – but to achieve this, we need your help! 

Play Your Part 

We know the Castle climbing community is made up of plenty big-hearted individuals, and any donation you can make will help provide an invaluable service in a time of need. The Castle is offering its facilities, staff who live close enough to the Castle to be able to get there without breaking physical distancing guidelines are giving their time and energy, and we’re asking you to play a part in this story too – by donating whatever you can to help us get this initiative off the ground.  

We appreciate some of our climbers have had their income affected by the crisis, and for some of you this isn’t an option right now. But for those of you who are financially secure and able to do so, who’ve been stuck at home feeling frustrated that you can’t climb or actively help and engage with the issues we face, this is your chance to make a difference.  

Just £5 can feed a family of four who desperately need support with a nutritious, homecooked vegetarian or vegan meal packed with wholesome goodness. We’ll be bringing you regular updates on how your money is being used for good.  

Taking Direct Action 

Using the wider framework and support of the National Food Service Campaign, the Castle Food Service will make good use of the Castle’s facilities that are lying dormant during the closure. This is an emergency response to the situation we are facing, using our vacant kitchen and café resources in the building and fresh food grown in our permaculture garden that will not go to waste. We’re incredibly proud of this project, spearheaded by members of staff currently furloughed who have voluntarily donated their time, energy and their skills to this project. 

Meals will be a mix of staples which your donations will help to buy from sustainable co-operative sources, topped up with homegrown produce that would normally be feeding our climbers in the café. Nothing will go to waste, but be transformed into healthy and nutritious meals that will nourish the most vulnerable of our neighbours. We're working with our local networks and charities to make sure we’re supporting our members of our local community who need it most. 

In strict compliance with the government position on lockdown and physical distancing, we will be working within our local area of Harringay. All deliveries will be made by bike or on foot to prevent further pressure on our public transport services and the key workers keeping these services running for NHS workers and other essential services. 

Your Support

Your donations will go towards purchasing plant-based ingredients from sustainable co-operative sources, sourcing delivery containers for meals, providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for volunteers, alcohol-based hand sanitisers, cleaning products, and contributions towards gas and electricity usages. Your donations will not be used to pay Castle staff, all of whom have willingly volunteered their time to this project and are currently receiving full pay equal to their normal earnings. 

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