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FAQ: How to Cancel a Climbing Session


Need to cancel your climb? You can cancel your climbing slot yourself through the bookings system. If you do this with 24 hours or more advance notice of your start time, you'll receive a full refund AND free up your slot for another climber to useHere's How:

If You Already Have an Online Account:

1. Log on to your account ⁠
2. Select "My Recent Online Bookings"⁠


3. Choose the slot you wish to cancel. 

To do this, log into your account on the website (here's the link if you need it!).

If You Already Have an Online Account:

If you have not set up an account yet, you can create an account on the booking page (here's the link you need to create a new account). 

Moving Your Booking

Unfortunately, we cannot move or transfer your booking. Please cancel, as above, you will be refunded and you can book another slot. 


If you choose not to attend and do not inform us, you will not be refunded your cost and will be considered a no-show. 

Access Pass Holders

Even though you won't lose money, repeated no-shows for bookings means that this slot cannot be used by another climber and means that at busy times you could be preventing another climber, including fellow access passholders, from being able to use their pass. We ask that you please be considerate and only book slots that you intend to use, so that everyone can use the centre and enjoy their climb.

Get In Touch

If you have any problems cancelling your climbing slot our preferred method of contact is by email ( as our phone lines can get very busy. 

Please provide following information:  ​​your name, your email, and the time and date of your book to climb slot, including the type of climbing you have booked for. 

More details for our Cancellation Policy included on our website in our Terms & Conditions