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The Castle to Start Selling Alcohol!

Trial Nights Begin: Wednesday 30th October and Friday 1st November, and subsequent Wednesdays and Fridays for a few months. 
The Castle is delighted to announce that we’ve been granted our alcohol licence!
This month we’ll start selling alcohol in the Café. Now, once you’ve finished climbing, you’ll be able to relax with a celebratory (or consolatory!) beer or cider with your friends. 
We’ll start with trialling it on Wednesday and Friday evenings for the first few months whilst we make sure everything is running smoothly. Our not-so dry runs will begin on Wednesday 30th October and Friday 1st November. 

Serious Bit: Don’t drink and climb!

We’re really pleased to get our licence, and socialising after a climb with your mates and a cold one is fantastic. But please, don’t drink before or during your climb. Do you really trust someone to belay you perfectly after a few drinks?! Can you honestly say you’d boulder at your best a few beers in?! 
If we suspect that you’re still climbing, we will unfortunately be forced to refuse to serve you. You can help us out by showing us you’re finished climbing by:
  • Removing your climbing shoes and harness
  • Changing into non-climbing clothes if you have them
Anyone spotted climbing after a drink, or hanging around the climbing areas with drinks in their hands (including anywhere on the bouldering mats), then our Duty Managers will have to step in. We really don’t want to have to do that, but it’s the only way to keep you – and the climbers around you! – safe. 
If this happens, please be aware that our staff are just doing their jobs, and that we have a really lovely Café where you can enjoy your drinks in peace. In summer, you’ll be able to kick back in the Garden too, without anyone bothering you. As always, please treat our team with respect as they’re working hard to ensure the Castle is the best it can be. 
Our licence stops at 9pm at which point you’ll need to come inside if you’re in the Garden, and we’ll stop serving at 9pm too. That’s just the law we’re afraid!  

Fun Bit: What’re you drinking?

Drinks behind the Cafe wall - a great viewing spot out of the way of those climbing on the lead wall. 
For now, we’ll be selling Aspall Cider and Pressure Drop beers that are so popular at our events. We may even include a guest beer from time to time! 
Plus, the cans and bottles are totally recyclable – just pop them in our normal recycling when you’re done and we’ll take care of it responsibly. 

Not-So Dry Runs

We know Castle climbers are a sensible lot, but please bear with us during our trial evenings. We’ll be selling beer and cider on Wednesday and Friday evenings for the first month or two and making any adjustments we need to – and we’d love your feedback. 
Any thoughts please email us on

Challenge 25

P.S. If you’re lucky enough to look under 25, we’ll have to ask you for an ID check the same as any pub. You need to be 18 to drink at the Castle, and we’ll need to see photo ID such as a driving licence or passport. 
Trial Nights Begin: Wednesday 30th October and Friday 1st November, and subsequent Wednesdays and Fridays for a few months.