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Meet Our Artist (almost) in Residence: Claudia


You may recognise Claudia. She’s been working at The Castle for about a year, either facilitating The Session or as a friendly voice on the end of the phone for our courses and bookings. But you probably don’t know that she’s also a talented multimedia artist, and that her art is what decorates the walls of the centre right now. We managed to get a few minutes with her to chat about art, climbing, and what it all means to her.

Ciao Claudia! Tell us a little bit your art. 

Ciao! I am an Italian mixed media artist, crafter and collector of unwanted things, who loves creating contemporary artwork using recycled materials. I work mostly with reclaimed wood and discarded materials that I find around on dog walks, on the beach. I love experimenting with different techniques and media and I'm always curious to try different crafts that I can incorporate into my work.

Why do you choose to work with upcycled materials?

I am fascinated by the transformation process of discarded objects of everyday life and overlooked materials. I love to give them a new life and make them special. My favourite piece at the moment is a piece made from different reclaimed wooden sticks, where I explored the variations of white with different textures and materials.

So has climbing inspired your art?

Yes! Some of the pieces, like the artistic fingerboards, were inspired, conceived and in part realised here at The Castle during sessions of fingerboard training. I started climbing 15 years ago and it is my form of meditation.

What else keeps you feeling creative?

Pretty much everything... Inspiration can come from a rusty piece of metal found on a walk, a piece of driftwood washed up on a beach, a discarded piece of wood abandoned in the street. I am an incurable scrap collector!

But I am also passionate about tribal art, illustration and design with a child-like and playful twist. Some of my work was inspired by doodling with my son, Ziggy, who created an imaginary world, Ziggyland, where extraordinary things happen (and a lot of natural disasters as well!). I just helped him to fill it with friendly characters and got a bit carried away…

Where can people find your art on display?

You can find the climbing-inspired fingerboards on the wall by the staircase leading from the ground floor up to the café. The characters from Ziggyland are in a little exhibition in the café mezzanine on the wall there. I have also done some exhibitions in local cafés and I’m always working on something new! 


Like what you see?

Love Claudia’s work and want a piece to take home? The art on display around the centre is for sale. Get in touch with Claudia directly if you’d love your own piece of art to take home!

Email Claudia:

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