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Art at the Castle: Ripping Landscapes presents Classic Climbs

The Castle is delighted to welcome returning artist Fiona Spirals to our Stairway Gallery. 

This collection is called Classic Climbs and combines Fiona's love of art with her passion for climbing. 

"As an artist, landscape never fails to move me to create pictures with dramatic contrasts, but full of hidden details. I love collage for that reason - I can smuggle in tiny images which make up the whole piece. As a climber, I have a plentiful supply of climbing magazines which provide me with everything I need for collaging, and more. Take a closer look and you might be surprised by what you find!"

We love that Fiona uses upcycled magazines to create her collages, breathing new life into these materials to show the beauty of nature around us. These are pieces of art that warrant closer inspection to find the little secrets in each image. 

"I have become very interested in creating collages of the fantastic Classic Climbs we had around this island. First I find a photographer that will work best for collage and the right sized canvas then loosely sketch it out.

"I thumb through climbing magazines finding texture & colour. This is when the fun begins, cutting and tearing and glueing!

"Slowly the collage comes together with much standing back, walking away and eyes half closed to see if it is working. 

"You may find a climber or a bit of a body or a piece of gear hidden. Collaging is such an interesting way of working you never know quite where it’s going to end up!

This is Fiona's second exhibition at the Castle. She's based near the marshes in Higham in Kent, where she loves to tramp the marshes with her camera and sketchbook and be inspired by nature. 

Support an Independent Artist

Fiona's work here at the Castle is for sale. If you would like to purchase one of her unique and beautiful collages, get in touch with Fiona directly on

Or why not go one step further and commission a collage of a climb which means a lot to you? 

To find out more, please visit her website or get in touch on