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Inclusive Climbing Tasters

Climbing as an experience can be beneficial to all. Often, when people think of climbing they think of strong muscular people climbing overhanging cliff faces and naturally think, “I couldn’t possibly do that!”

Although some climbing is like the stuff you see in movies, most of it is within the realms of everyone’s ability, and this is true for able bodied people as well as those with disabilities.

Benefits of Climbing

Climbing can help develop communication, co-ordination, muscle strength, balance and problem solving, with the added excitement of being up high.

New experiences keep the brain at its best, providing it with new information to organise and make sense of, leading to the learning of new skills, driving the brain’s process of pattern and neural reorganisation.

Physical and cognitive effects which can benefit from climbing include muscle spasticity; reduced endurance; concentration; memory; perceptions and judgement. Behavioural effect such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, agitation and an inability to cope can all be improved. Just visiting the centre, being involved in the climbing community and talking with new people can all have a positive effect.

Inclusive Family Tasters

Our inclusive taster sessions are a pathway to discovering that climbing is within the realms of everyone’s ability and focus on the fun activity of climbing and the safety skills involved.

The 1.5 hour session is ideal for participants and their family/carer/guardian to do something together and climb as a group. Each taster session will be tailored to the participant’s needs and abilities.

These ‘Have a Go' sessions are for over 16's with physical or non-physical special needs.

To book please contact our bookings team via email or phone on 020 8211 1082.

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