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Access Autobelay Course

Are you a boulderer who wants to access more of the awesome climbing in the centre? Or are you a roped climber who’s sick of relying on flakey belay partners but are too nervous to just jump on the auto belays?

Our 1 hour Access Autobelay course will help ease your fears and provide you with an understanding of how they work; we'll teach you how to make safety checks and how to get the best out of using them; opening up a whole array of new routes for you to enjoy!

If you have a Bouldering Only registration; once you have attended an Access Autobelay course you will be able to register with an additional waiver so you can access all the auto belays in the centre.

Autobelays are also a great tool for training too, used by climbers to train endurance. Using an autobelay lets you throw laps in quick succession without the faff of having to swap over with a partner; it's a great way to squeeze in a quick session when you're limited for time.

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