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Spring Equinox Celebration 2017


An energetic wind was present on Saturday 18th March. Children, grabbing pencils and paper set off with parents in tow, eager to explore and search for signs that the garden is gearing up to spring; birds building nests, buds, blossoms, and bees. Of course for some it was necessity to see how many worms, woodlice and other creatures under logs they could find as well! As is tradition, they all discovered a well-earned treat at the end of the trail.

Spring has arrived and the amount of new salad leaves now being harvested is testament to that!

In a workshop led by Lauren (Garden Events Coordinator) children and parents made origami birds to blow in the wind and practiced their nest building using clay and straw. Participants wrote Spring intentions on their birds, these included...

"to make a place beautiful by growing flowers", "to have a really good birthday", "to smile everyday"

Throughout the afternoon children and adults contributed their thoughts and impressions to a poetry board, which became a beautiful communal spring poem. Ida (the Castle’s Garden Manager) led games that build on animal senses and stealth tactics, and that reflect upon what's happening in nature during springtime.

At the end of the day the equinox bonfire brought some much needed warmth, and the shared toasting of marshmallows was a great hit amongst the children - thank you to the mums who bought them along! To end the day songs and words were shared and enjoyed at the fireside open mic. 

We look forward to the change in season, to warmer longer days, plentiful harvests more celebrations and bonfires!

The next garden event is the Big Dig - a celebration of soil - Saturday 22nd April.