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Pricing Changes 2018

Castle Climbing

For the first time in over two years, we’ve decided to change our pricing structure.

We’re sure many of you will have implemented a price change at your place of work and will understand they’re the product of many factors, and a lot of deliberation.  First and foremost, our priority is to be open with climbers about our operations and how we reach decisions. For us, it’s all about providing great climbing. If you want to learn more about why we’ve made these changes, please keep reading to the end of this blog.

What’s Changing?

Our new pricing structure will come into effect on 7th Nov (please see below), for full details please visit our new pricing page.

Single visit prices:

  • Standard   £13
  • Concession Peak   £11
  • Concession Off Peak  £7
  • Child Single Anytime  £7
  • Child supplement  £5 (pre paid memberships without plus)  

Payment Plans 

  • Annual  £499
  • Annual Plus £599 (plus inc entry 2 under 18s any time)
  • Ebilling Standard  £51
  • Ebilling Plus  £61 (plus inc entry 2 under 18s any time)  
  • Concession Anytime  £45
  • Concession Anytime Plus  £55  (plus inc entry 2 under 18s any time)
  • Concession Off peak  £30
  • Concession Off peak Plus  £40 (plus inc entry 2 under 18s any time)
  • Punch Cards 11  £130.00 (anytime entry, to bring an under 18 will need to pay £5 supplement)

Key Info

You can still visit the Centre during peak times on an off-peak membership, we’ll ask you to pay a £6 supplement on the day.  If you hold an Anytime membership you can climb during peak and off-peak times: 

  • Off Peak: Monday – Friday 12-4.30pm
  • Peak: Monday –  Friday 4.30-10.00pm, All Weekend 

If you’ve purchased a pre-paid membership option in the past that’s still active (monthly, quarterly, six monthly, annual, 11 or 20 punch cards), you can keep using this until it reaches its expiry date, this includes the option to bring two under 18s for free. Once this has expired our Reception team will be on hand to advise you on the most suitable plan. We’re also working on an FAQ page with this information.

Customers using standard e-billing will be charged new prices from 7th November, please contact us if you’d like to amend your membership. New concession e-billing prices are available from 7th November, you have until 7th December to decide whether to move onto an Off-Peak or Anytime concession e-billing, but if you want to take advantage our new off-peak offer before 7th December, let us know. 


It’s no secret the Castle is busy. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best climbing experience, and know it can be frustrating as more climbers take to the wall. We’ve been working incredibly hard since our last price increase to ensure you get as much time climbing as possible.
Since early 2016 we have:

  • Purchased the whole Castle building and some smaller additional buildings next door
  • Redeveloped the Café and added much needed extra seating
  • Refurbished four climbing areas; Pen, Café lead walls, Mezz & Panels
  • Opened four new areas; Tower, Pump Rooms, Well 3 & 4
  • Added additional staff across all customer facing departments – including key health and safety roles like floor walking to improve service

Our team review prices annually to ensure we can keep delivering the same level of service and continue making these important developments.  The slight increase we’re implementing will ensure ongoing improvement.  Our plans for the next two years involve development both within the main Centre and our new buildings, which will lead to at least 30% more climbing.

We take all feedback seriously and the changes we have made to the pricing structure itself resulted from this. Following from our mammoth survey earlier in the year (thanks again to those of you that made it to the end!) and other forms of feedback, we found our old pricing structure was pretty complicated, making it hard to understand how to get the best value for money. We have:

  • slimmed down the options to make pricing clearer and easier to pick
  • reintroduced concession off-peak options
  • altered our under 18 policy

The new structure is designed to keep everyone’s interests in mind, and you may even find it works out better for you.  For example, by popular demand, we have reintroduced off-peak times for concessions; this will run weekdays between 12pm – 4.30pm. 

We appreciate that the move for concessions from £33 to £45 is quite an increase, about 36%. However, we have also introduced a 10% price reduction for concessions if they climb when we are less busy. We also understand not all climbers will be able to visit during off-peak hours, the new peak concession membership prices align with other London walls to ensure we're still providing good value for money. At £45 a climber visiting twice a week would be paying less than £5.50 per visit. (paragraph added 07/11/18) 

A few customers have expressed concerns about disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. We’d like to assure everyone we have taken this into account when making the changes and work very closely with a number of organisations and individuals to ensure this. Just one example being our inclusive climbing programme; we regularly apply for grants and sponsor climbers that would otherwise be unable to afford climbing. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at the Castle – we’re not always great at publicising this, but we’re hoping to improve this. (paragraph added 07/11/18) 

We have also listened to growing concerns over children in the Centre by altering our under 18 policy. At present, adults with a pre-paid membership, e-billing or punch card are able to bring 2 under 18s per visit for free. Our new policy will require adults with a membership to pay a small fee for each under 18 single visit, or as a supplement to their membership each month. This new fee is still significantly cheaper than our adult prices (at least 50% lower), and we have even reduced non-membership under 18 single visits by 50p. 

This new structure will come into effect on 7th November, if you have any queries please do not hesitant to contact us ( 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. The evolution of the Castle over the past 23 years has been made possible by the people that continue to climb here and it’s hard to express in words quite how grateful we are for this. We’re really proud of our offering and hope you feel the same way. 

If you want to find out what’s happening behind the scenes we’ll be releasing a new blog about developments soon! Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks.