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Jo's Blog - Junior British Bouldering Championships



Jo is a 17 year old GB team member, determined to leave her mark on the UK climbing scene. Well versed in competition climbing, each month Jo will be sharing her experiences with us.

Photo: Ed Wong

The Junior British Bouldering Championships is an important event on my calendar, an event which requires thorough preparation in the form of a training plan which allows me to peak for the right time. With dynamic climbing being my weakest style, I had trained this the most, but I was still anxious for these types of problems as I entered the stuffy, sweltering centre. Having scoped out the eight qualifying blocks for which I would have two hours to complete, I began my warm up, knowing that it was going to be a tough round. 

With half an hour to go until the time was up, I had only got one bonus hold and no tops and was on the point of tears. Months of training had led up to these two hours and when the time had come, I hadn’t been able to show anything for it. Frustrated, I took some time out and got on to the block I felt I had the best chance of completing. Matching the last hold of that climb was my saviour. 

With a fresh slate to work from in finals, I felt calmer as I knew I would likely improve my position, or at least stay the same. Three blocks in and I hadn’t topped any, but this time I knew others were in a similar position and that a podium place was still within reach if I topped the last block. Determined to put my training to the test, I fought hard and walked away with a top second go. 

I was pleased to achieve second place in this event as it taught me a key lesson: the competition isn’t over until it’s over.

If you want to follow more of Jo's exploits, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram