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Climbing Wall Etiquette



Still learning your climbing wall manners? Here are some top tips that will help you navigate the wall like a seasoned pro:

1. Be aware of your surroundings

If you don’t look out for obstacles you’ll become one yourself! When you move around the Centre be aware of where other people are falling, climbing, belaying, sitting and generally mooching about the place. Please don’t stand too close to the wall or under someone when they’re climbing, they’ll probably land on you. And please don’t scatter your belongings over the mats or floor – that’s what the lockers are for. 
2. Bouldering mats are not sofas
Please do not sit on the bouldering mats, directly under routes. They may look comfy, but they’re not for lounging – this is a fall zone and you guessed it, people fall here! If you need a break we have plenty of chairs (and real sofas) stationed around the Centre.
3. Look before you climb 
Some routes in the Centre, bouldering and roped lines, overlap with one another. If you hop on a climb, look where your route goes before starting. It may overlap with a route someone is already climbing on!  Not only are you increasing risk of injury, you may force other climbers off their route – nothing is more annoying than having to abandon a climb because someone else wasn’t paying attention. 
4. Sharing is caring
Takes turns on the wall! It’s great you’re psyched to climb, but don’t forget so is everyone around you. Once you’ve had a go move away from the wall, take a break and allow fellow climbers a turn – it’s no secret having a short rest can improve performance. 
Similarly, don’t lay siege to the wall with your mates. Dominating an area can be off putting to other people and is likely to deter them from climbing there. If you want to climb in a group be respectful of others and don’t hog the wall.
5. First dibs
If someone has just taken the time and effort to brush a route, it won’t be any surprise when we tell you they’re probably intending to climb on it. In the words of Friction Labs ‘Those who brush it, crush it’. Wait for them to have a go, if you hop straight on the route it will make the holds chalky again and you won’t be making any friends in the process.  If it seems like they’re taking a while to get back on the wall ask whether it’s alright to have a go – they’ll more than likely say yes.
6. Don’t climb barefoot.
It’s gross. 
7. Don’t use the toilets in your climbing shoes
It’s gross.
8. Avoid spraying beta
Part of the joy of climbing is figuring out the problem, don’t offer unsolicited advice. If you want to offer advice, ask first and remember your beta may not always work for them. 

This is not an exhaustive list – we’re sure you can think of many more.  Ultimately climbing is about personal responsibility. Please be safe and considerate to your fellow climbers. This will help make it an enjoyable session for all!

* Compiled with help from our friends at Friction Labs & the CBG