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The Castle Academy

** Selection for the Academy takes places every year between June-July, we're fully booked for 2019/2020 season **

Launched in 2014, the Castle Academy is a fundamental part of The Castle’s Youth Development Programme. The Castle Academy runs structured climbing sessions where children focus on progression and consolidation of their climbing skills in a fun, inspiring and supportive environment.

What's it all about?

The goal of the Castle Academy is to develop ‘climbers for life’ through participation on competitions and training, on a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. Academy members must have a solid interest in climbing, thrive to improve their climbing skills and commitment to do several sessions of climbing per week (both with the coaches and on their own/ supervised by their parents or guardians). 

The Castle Academy sessions are not about climbing dozens of routes at the highest grades of difficulty. On the contrary, we believe it is more important to develop athletes who are able to move well, on and off the wall. The central pillar in our training structure is the NICAS scheme of progressive development of the safety skills required for climbing indoors. 

All climbers are welcomed to join the youth competition circuit each year (BMC Youth Climbing Series and Blokfest), and encouraged to regularly climb with their parents and peers to further expand what they learn on the Academy sessions.

The aim of the Castle Academy is to empower children to make their own decisions about their pathway of progression, enjoying a lifetime of safe, injury-free climbing.

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