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February to May 2014 bouldering areas setting schedule published


Looking forward to the next set? Want to know how much longer you can work on that project for? 

Below is the provisional bouldering area setting schedule for 2014. Please note that the dates/setters may be changed.

  • 17 February: Comp Wall (Mike, Tricky, Alex) - Round 5 of the League of Honour
  • 21-23 February: Loft Area Closed for Team GB event
  • 24 February: Loft Wall (Gaz Parry, Ben West, Kornelija & Mike)
  • 25 February: Loft Boulder (Alex Fry, Mike)
  • 7 March: Pen (Alex, Tricky)
  • 17th-19th March: Panels (BMC Paraclimbing Series on Panels on 18th of March)
  • 25 March: Slab (Tricky, Alex, Kornelija)
  • 3 April: Catacomb (Alex Fry, Tricky, Alex)
  • 9 April: Mezz (Kornelija, Tricky, Alex, Vini)
  • 15 April: Comp Wall (Liam, Tricky, Alex)- League of Honour Round 6
  • 23 April: Loft Wall (Mike, Tricky, Alex)
  • 24 April: Loft Bloc (Emma Twyford, Kornelija)
  • 29 April: Pen (Gaz Parry, Kornelija)
  • 7 May: Panels (Liam, Alex)
  • 14 May: Slab (Mike, Kornelija, Alex Fry)
  • 19 May: Catacomb (Kornelija, Liam, Mike)
  • 23 May: Mezz (Mike, Tricky, Gav, Kornelija)
  • 28 May: League of Honour Finals (Mike, Gaz Parry)
  • 29 May: Comp Wall (Mike, Gaz Parry, Vincent)

Traverse setting

  • March:  Envy (the green boulder) - T-Max, Slimfast
  • March: Lower Traverse Wall - Kornelija
  • April: Lust (the pink boulder) - Slimfast
  • April: Upper Traverse Wall- Tricky
  • May: Envy (the green one) - Tricky, T-Max
  • May: Lower Traverse Wall- Kornelija