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Blokfest Final Round 2017

Castle Blokfest Final Round 2017

Blokfest returns to the Castle for its 5th season on Saturday, 4th of March!

And as always it brings exciting innovations in climbing, lots of fun blocs, spectacular finals and much more. If you have missed previous Blokfest events, are interested to find out what’s new this season or want to know how the event will affect general climbing, read on and your curiosities will be satisfied.

What is Blokfest and who is it for?

Blokfest is fun, non-elitist bouldering festival for climbers of all levels, abilities and ages. The boulders start from VB for children and VO- for adults and gradually increase in difficulty with plenty of easy problems for all, from pros to those just starting out. The day is filled with fun climbing on cool new holds, culminating in impressive spectator finals

What else happens on the day?

All day DJs, free t-shirts, a bar selling Castle’s own beer (drinks available from 5pm), £1000 worth of give-aways and spot prizes, spectacular finals with MC, all lights turned out and only spotlights on the UK's top climbers battling for podium places are just a few things that you can expect on the day of Blokfest.

What’s new this year?

The Zlagboard team are coming from Italy to hold Zlagboard World Record Attempt Contest for a cash prize of €1500. The contest will start at 5pm in the lead area (while the comp wall is getting reset for the finals). Zlagboard is a finger board that is connected to a computer that senses when the finger board is used and records how long a person can hang on for. The results will be projected onto a screen and updated live as people are desperately trying not to give in. You do not have to attempt to challenge the world record in order to have a go and you can even compare your results to those of the top climbers in the world afterwards. Lots of fun to be had! Make sure you have a go as the prizes will go not only to winners but there will be a random draw from all the names that enter.

Another exciting development Blokfest brings this year is electronic scoring. You will mark your scores online and live results, displayed on the screens around the centre, will be available throughout the day! Worry not if technology is not your thing – it is very simple and there will even be a technical team to help you.

What else do I need I know if I want to take part?

You can register for Blokfest online at but you can also do it on the day using a paper form. It cost £15 for youth entries and £20 for senior and masters entries and it includes a free t-shirt (one per season). You will not need to pay any Castle entry fees.

How will regular climbing be effected?

On the day of Blokfest (4th March, Saturday) all bouldering will be open for Blokfest participants only. No regular bouldering. From 4:30 pm the lead and top rope areas on the cafe level will be closed to accommodate a bar (open to all) and Zlagboard World Record Attempt Contest. The Comp Wall will be stripped and out-of-action from the 2rd of March. There will be a rolling cordon from the 1st of March while Blokfest problems are being set in different areas but this will not cause any more disruption than our regular setting. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and if events are not you cup-of-tea please keep in mind that this is only one day a year and to many climbers events are very important.

So whether you want to get inspired, have fun with your friends, or test yourself come to the Castle on the 4th of March and get involved as there will be plenty to do for everyone! Still have any questions? Just email the Blokfest team at or us at