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Find out if coaching is for you. Contact our friendly team.

Email or phone 020 8211 1082.

Coaching Costs

Assessment Only: £120, 2 hour


Assessment With Follow Up Coaching: £240, 5 hours (2 hour assessment plus 2 follow up coaching sessions,1hr30 each)


Post-Assessment Coaching Block: £240, 6 hours (4 sessions, 1hr30 each)


Post-Assessment Individual Coaching Session: £67.50 (1hr30 session) 


Coaching Terms and Conditions


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Bespoke Coaching


Take your climbing to the next level with an experienced climbing coach!

If you’ve been climbing for a while and you’re ready to give it your all, then coaching could be your next step.

Common reasons to work with a coach include feeling you’ve reached a natural plateau and wanting to push to the next grade, wanting to hone and perfect your technique, unlearn bad habits, or simply to push yourself to attempt routes outside of your comfort zone in a safe and structured way.

The Castle Climbing Centre rigorously vets all our coaches, and they all either are or are working towards becoming a fully qualified Development Coach (currently the highest coaching qualification available in the UK). There are 10 coaches working at the Castle, each one with a range of varied climbing experience under their belts, so we can match you up with a coach best suited to work with you.

How Climbing Coaching Works

Step One:  Individual Assessment

Firstly, you will be given a thorough 2-hour individual assessment by one of our friendly coaches based on your current climbing abilities. Your coach will assess and identify your current strengths and weaknesses, and this will be the benchmark for your future coaching. If you wish to receive their feedback and stop your coaching journey here, you can.

Step Two: Follow-Up Coaching

Your climbing coach will create a series of bespoke structured training sessions based on your individual assessment and the goals you’ve agreed together. These sessions are purposeful, measurable, and designed to be a long term, continuous form of development, focusing on your climbing performance rather than specific technical skills. They can be bought in blocks and work out at just £40 per hour. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss your progress with your coach via email outside of your coaching sessions.

Should you want a longer, periodised training plan to continue with in your own time, just discuss your requirements with your coach.

Climbing Coach in London

Find the Right Climbing Coach For You

Finding the right coach for you is important. Every climbing coach employed by the Castle has many years’ experience and either holds or is working towards the highest nationally recognised climbing coach qualifications. As a whole, the team have coached numerous GB Climbing team members and have helped many clients at various stages of their climbing development achieve their desired goals. With 10 different coaches working here, each with their own unique perspective and climbing experience, we’ll be able to match you to a coach best suited to help you achieve your goals.

“Nervous as I was, my future coach was very easy to talk to and after a few minutes, I was pretty much settled into the familiar “talking to a coach” routine. It was also very apparent that he not only knew his stuff (and continues to be super modest about it!) but was also willing to learn how to train a para-climber who has a few medical conditions under her belt... I gotta say, the number of exercises my coach has made up for me in the last 3 years is crazy.” - Anoushé Husain

"The personalized approach, high coaching standard, and focused time on the wall has led to almost immediate improvements. Coaching has fundamentally changed how I approach problems from a physical and mental perspective. I’ve gained confidence overall and it’s encouraged me to climb more!” - Michael Henson

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Find out if coaching is for you. Contact our friendly team to talk through your goals and book your assessment.

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