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Black Lives Matter Statement


Last week, the Castle made a statement in open support of the Black Lives Matter movement on our Instagram page.

We want to share that statement again on our website for all to see. Social media moves at a fast pace, but this statement needs to be here permanantly.  So here it is. 


In light of recent events, it is important for us to state that the #blacklivesmatter movement has our unequivocal support. We pledge to challenge antiblack and other racisms in our climbing centre, our sport, and our society.⁠

Climbing is a sport that struggles with diversity, with black people in particular often being excluded. While antiblack racism is a systemic problem that can feel overwhelming, we recognise that we must play our part in dismantling it. It is clear that the Castle has a responsibility to use our resources and our platform to challenge ourselves and the broader climbing community to do better, and soon.⁠

It is important to us that the changes we make are purposeful, meaningful, and long term. We have worked with organisations that help BAME young people access affordable climbing, but we must go deeper than this, understanding the roots of the issues we face as a society, and working to address these. We will be back, soon, with a more detailed explanation of the steps we will take to address antiblack and other racisms.⁠

“Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now.” - Audre Lorde“⁠

We have already begun work behind the scenes to make good on the last statement of this post.  We look forward to being able to share our progress with you soon. 

This image has been downloaded directly from the Black Lives Matter website's social media graphics page.