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Sign the 2020 Olympic Competition Climbing petition


The Castle Climbing Centre supports the BMC and the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) in their bid to help make climbing an Olympic Sport. Along with other Association of British Climbing Wall members we have put a petition at Reception and in the Cafe that you can sign to show your support for competition climbing becoming an Olympic sport in 2020.

The proposal is for a three event competition featuring difficulty (lead), bouldering and speed climbing. Climbing is one of eight sports to be considered by the IOC for inclusion into the 2020 Olympics. At the end of May, the IOC will shortlist three sports before making a final decision in September.

Becoming an Olympic sport will have huge benefits for the sport as a whole, especially for young climbers who are just starting to climb now. Olympic status will give access to greater funding to develop, protect and promote our sport. To find out more read the BMC's article on Climbing and the Olympics and visit the IFSC's website.