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Start the year with a boost to your climbing!


Are you aiming to improve your climbing this year? We want to help you make the most of all the great new areas we're opening up and feel great about your climbing with the launch of our new coaching products coming soon in March 2014.

As a preview, I've set up an exclusive series of bouldering masterclasses that are guaranteed to teach even the most hard core boulderers a thing or two! Uniquely, these short & sharp group classes are focussed on a single aspect of climbing. They are suitable for all levels from beginner to expert. I last ran these classes several years ago to great acclaim. They don't come around frequently so make the most of it!

The areas I've chosen to focus on are:

Footwork (Slabs/vertical) - how to make the most of your feet, gain confidence in poor footholds and use your balance and centre of gravity to your advantage.

Dynamic Movement - this is often an area of weakness for route climbers, women and novices. We'll look at climbing more efficiently through deadpointing and dynoing and how to use your whole body to stay in control.

Overhangs/Steep ground - moving onto steep ground opens up a whole new world for climbers, but it's often difficult to work out what to do. I'll show you some basic movement skills that you can apply on all levels of problems to climb more efficiently.

Awkward holds/ Slopers - everyone hates them... you'll learn to relish them!

Roof climbing - Roof climbing is super-fun and a great long as you do it right! Practice your heel hooks, toe hooks, bat hangs, knee bars, spins and more in my final masterclass.

Classes will run Monday evenings from 7pm to 8pm starting on the 20th of January. The cost will be £10 per person (exclusive of entry). For more information about me, these sessions and how to book go to the Masterclasses page where we'll also keep you informed of any future classes.

Happy Climbing!

Audrey Seguy