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2013 Castle Garden FREE Lecture Series


We are hosting a number of FREE workshops with our garden experts this summer. These are on Friday afternoons from 12pm to 1pm and are open to everyone. Please email if you will be attending. Why not make a day of it and stick around to volunteer in the garden and learn some new skills?

Everything you need to know about Soil - 26th July
Sean will be here to talk us through the different types and uses of soil that we have in the garden. From composting to worms this is the foundation of all that you grow and eat! The aim of this talk will be to give you some science behind what you probably already vaguely know!
Medicinal/ balms - 16th August
Ness a medicinal horticulturalist will be talking us through the properties of medicinal plants we grow in this garden, especially those we use in the new Castle Balms. Participants can stay on after the initial hour to make their own hand balm.
What WE grow and WHY – 23rd August
Ida will be talking us through the vegetables that we grow for the café and sharing the methods needed for seasonal growing. Crop rotation, pest control and the subtleties of getting from seed to edible veg! She will discuss the difficulties that growers face as well as sharing her excitement for growing in a sustainable and pesticide-free way.

Taxonomy and garden foraging – 6th of September
Jo and Gemma will be giving a Presentation on the edible landscape already around us. Why we need to start becoming more savvy about foraging. You will all have an opportunity to nibble a variety of plants and fruits found in our garden, especially if you stay on for the afternoon!