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Castle Comp Squad - Blocfest Round 3 (Reading)


I woke up early on Saturday morning and headed off to Reading with my Castle Squad team mates. We were psyched to check out the problems, as BlocFest always delivers amazing climbing. I was in the open category so got a chance to have a good look at all the blocs before I started.

The Reading centre had stripped the entire boulder area of problems so the only routes were the blue Holdz ones. This made it much easier to scope them out.

My favourite was one that really tested my flexibility with a really high foot on a sloped volume.
 There were some really nice dynamic movements that forced me to commit to the holds.

There were some great mini comps throughout the centre as part of the BlocFest experience. One of them was timing how long you can hold onto a volume and another a funky clipping route. I got the chance to chat with Steve McClure which was amazing and he had some great advice on belaying and the forces involved in climbing.

Jim came first and Sam came second in the Under 16 category, representing the Castle Squad which was great!! Everyone else in the team did really well and put in 110% effort, making it a awesome day for everyone.