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Don't keep it bottled up...
We stopped selling bottled water in 2009. You can purchase a reusable Castle water bottle or ask for a glass and fill it up at one of our filling stations.

More sustainability...

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Garden Events


Join us for a lively programme of workshops across the summer to learn new skills and explore your local environment. Learn from the experts about the uses of clay, forage for medical herbs, understand the bee and the grape or get crafty with some green wood.

Click on the course title to book.

Looking for our Kid's Summer Garden Events?

Working with Clay Series

Saturday 12th July
A Cob Oven In a Day  
10am - 6pm 

Sunday 20th July  
Cob Fire Bread-Bake 
10am - 6pm 

Consisting of two 1 day courses focusing on building, firing and maintaining cob ovens with Cob in the Community's Linda Royles.

*25% discount for Castle members

 Come and Meet the Bees…

 Saturday 19th July  
 Bee Biology   
 10am - 6pm 

This one day course will take a look at the fascinating world of the honeybee, introducing key concepts in their biology and ecology. We will cover basic bee biology, swarming, introduce the concepts behind Sustainable Beekeeping and spend time observing honeybees up close.

*25% discount for Castle members

From Tool to Tree

Saturday 26th July  
Green-Wood working skills - Spoon Carving  
10am - 6pm  

Saturday 23rd August 
Green-Wood working skills - Spoon Carving  
10am - 6pm  

In this one day spoon carving workshop, participants will learn the principles and practical skills to make a wooden spoon. From selecting timber, splitting wood, and carving techniques using axes and knives.
For Further information please visit.

*25% discount for Castle members

 Keep Fit and Healthy in the Garden!

 Monday 4th August 
 Garden Fit Workshop 
 5.45pm - 9.30pm 

We have brought together Janos Atkins, a Castle associated fitness coach (who is also a lower back specialist), our garden manager Ida and Sarah, Climbers Clinic osteopath, to look at the best way to approach repetitive tasks in the garden and how best to use the garden tools to minimise injury and improve your fitness. We will coach you on correct body posture with some of common garden activity and body positions used – such as digging, raking, wheel barrow, crouching, as well as show you which muscles you will use when doing the task.            

*25% discount for Castle members

Prepare Your Winter Medical Store!

Sunday 14th September 
Wilderness Medicine 
10am - 5pm 

This workshop is designed to inspire and inform outdoor enthusiasts. You will walk away with ideas for your natural winter medical store and your own home made medicinal balm for your first aid kit.

*25% discount for Castle members

 Autumn Harvests make rich rewards…

 Sunday 21st September  
 Wine Making Course 
 10am - 6pm 

The one day workshop will teach you everything you need to on the wine making process from bud to bottle. A great way to get you started cultivating your own vines and making your own wine.

*25% discount for Castle members

* Please book in person at The Castle Climbing Centre Reception to receive your 25% discount.

Email if you have any questions.







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What's On

Brit Rock film tour

Saturday 4th October - Brit Rock comes right from the heart of the UK adventure scene, with liberal splashes of the inimitable British spirit.
Screening: 7.30pm     Tickets: £10
BOOK NOW               Watch Trailer

Summer Garden Events Series

Join us in the Castle for a lively programme of workshops, learn new skills and explore your local environment. Learn from the experts: get crafty with green wood, learn to forage, grow grapes & make wine or understand the humble honeybee.


Climbing in the Lake District


Climbing & Yoga Retreat
Morning & Evening Yoga; Daytime Climbing
Professional climbing and yoga instruction.

Find out more on the Mountain Magic page




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